About Me

Read and love.

Hi. My name is Jon Ryan Quinn. I'm a fourth-year student at The University of Chicago. As the center of the gay universe at the school, my social work revolves around being fabulous and the queen of the gay. I'm concentrating in a program called Fundamentals, which is an undergraduate version of the Committee on Social Thought. I'll be graduating in June of 2004.

I am originally from Titusville, FL, a town of 40,000 about 40 minutes east of Orlando. It's called Space City, USA, because you can see the space shuttle take off from about any point in town.

At school I'm pretty active in UT as the student coordinator of outreach and education programs and am the chair of the student group that works with Admissions. I also manage one of the student activities buildings in the evenings. This past summer I interned in the Performance department at the Museum of Contemporary Art, where I still house manage part-time.

I smoke. I drink. Maybe a little too much.

I'm single.

The red eyes in the picture are because I'm the evil spawn of Satan (=homosexual).

And absolutely fabulous.

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